Water Treatment

Prince’s PYROLOX® is the leading filter media for iron, manganese and arsenic removal. Pyrolox® is a granular water filtration media that has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. External testing of Pyrolox® proves superior removal capability of both Fe and Mn species than commercial manganese filter media. This is due to Pyrolox’s® high surface area and greater absorption sites. The contaminants Ra, Ba, and As can be removed by pre-treatment to co-precipitate with Fe or Mn. The media can be regenerated by common techniques including hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, and hypochlorite.

PYROLOX® Advantage is an engineered filter media that is effective at removing iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, and arsenic in water treatment applications. As the next stage in filter media, Pyrolox® Advantage provides outstanding performance with the advantage of a light-weight coated filter media. Pyrolox® Advantage coating technology offers catalytic removal of Fe, Mn, and other contaminants by pre-treatment while providing lower backwash requirements, superior oxidation capacity, and virtually no media fines to remove at startup.

As a leading value-added manufacturing company, Prince also offers iron oxide, activated carbon, and magnesium oxide for water treatment.Hematite and Magnetite are both used for waste and industrial water treatment. Being a raw source of iron, its chemistry has fewer heavy metals than competitive byproduct materials. Prince is continually adding to its range of available products by sourcing to customer requirements and developing engineered solutions. For further details, please contact us.

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