Toll Processing

Prince has the ability to toll process for customers at its various facilities around the world. Prince specializes in a range of processing capabilities including, but not limited to drying, micronizing, milling, granulating, and calcining.

The ability to package dry powders into bags, pails, cans, boxes, and bulk bags.

Using rotary calcining ovens or a static kiln, we can calcine up to temperatures of 1400°C.

Dry Blending
The ability to blend dry powders in various quantities. Blending lines are separated by color to avoid cross contamination. We can also can spray liquids onto dry powders prior to bagging at all of our locations.

Equipment Fabrication
The ability to fabricate material handling and process equipment such as mills, conveyors, dust collectors, blenders, bulk tanks, and bagging systems.

Liquid Blending & Mineral Suspensions
The ability to blend non-flammable liquids and liquid suspensions in various batches. Using a variety of high shear liquid powder mixers, we can also make suspensions up to 80% solid content.  We can also offer bulk liquid storage/distribution and IBC or road tanker packing.

The ability to reduce the particle size of minerals, chemicals, and natural products to specific micron sizes. Our equipment includes ball mills, roller mills, jet mills, and hammer mills. We can micronize powders to as fine as 3 microns.

Packaging and Exporting Capabilities
The ability to palletize, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, cap and band, jungle box, and crate shipments for domestic and international locations. Packaging supplies are always in stock.

Pelletizing and Granulation
The ability to pelletize/densify pure or blended products resulting in reduced freight cost for bulky materials, elimination of dust, and to reduce the time necessary of addition of dry products to liquid systems. Using a rotary pan granulator, powders can be agglomerated into granules.

Private Labeling
The ability to produce in custom packaging.

Reclamation and Reworking
The ability to salvage hardened or damaged dry powders for repackaging. De-lumping and grinding services to return materials to their former particle size are available at various plants.

Sizing and Screening
The ability to separate larger particles by size using triple, double, and single deck ROTEX screen shakers. For micron size separations, air classification is available as a stand-alone process.