Prince’s products are widely used in assisting steel producers manufacture the highest quality steels. Prince has mineral sand based products, such as ladle sands and furnace sands that optimize high free-open percentages, allowing customers to produce their high quality steel in the safest manner. Prince manufactures various grades and formulations of each product in order to exceed customer specifications and has over 30 active formulations. We manufacture and engineer products on a global basis for international and local steel companies.


Prince’s sands are engineered refractory blends that optimize free opening of the EAF tap hole. Prince offers various modifications, including specially designed customer specific formulations of these high performance sands that help improve process efficiency and offers excellent performance rates.

  • SURE START® Furnace Sands


Prince offers an array of ladle sands based on ladle size, mill conditions, hold time, temperature, and other specific process variables. We have a focused approach to each customer’s needs. Our technical service team works individually with each mill to determine what engineered product is best. Please contact us for a full description of each series or for queries about individual product development.


  • SURE START® Ladle Sands