Catalysts & Pharmaceuticals

In catalysts and pharmaceuticals, Prince’s products are used for their catalytic or oxidizing properties. The synthesis of organic compounds, production of pharmaceuticals, elimination of dangerous pollutants like ozone, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and the Grignard reaction, each have specific product requirements.

Prince supplies a range of manganese dioxides (with specially designed crystallographic structure, purity level, particles size or specific surface area) as well as high purity manganese salts intermediates for catalysts production. We partner with customers to optimize our products for their specific application.

  • MnO2 HSA, MnO2 OG, MnO2 CG, MnO2 VHP (manganese dioxide)
  • Mn(NO3)2 (manganese nitrate)
  • MnCl2 (anhydrous manganese chloride)