Road Treatment

Dust Control

Lignin LS-50® from Prince is ideally suited for controlling dust and stabilizing unpaved roads (such as country roads, truck terminals, mine haul roads, parking lots, and military training sites). The natural, biodegradable adhesives unique to Lignin LS-50™ provide excellent bonding characteristics for numerous pelletizing and industrial uses. Lignin LS-50™’s superior performance, environmental benefit, and low cost are why road maintenance customers prefer the product to petroleum, soybean, or salt-based (CaCl, MgCl) alternatives. Lignin LS-50™ will significantly decrease potholes and washboarding and reduce grading and rock replacement. When used prior to chip seal or pavement, Lignin LS-50™ will enhance the life of the finished surface.

Prince also offers PDC-CC, a cost effective and safe alternative to expensive processed and manufactured chlorides. PDC-CC is much less corrosive than processed or manufactured calcium and magnesium chlorides. Our product is a naturally produced blend, which includes calcium and magnesium chlorides, that offers the unique benefits of being able to draw and retain moisture from the environment and resist evaporation. It helps to bind the gravel fines resulting in reduced dust, rock replacement and grading, and improves air quality. Our customers have also seen savings in labor, equipment, and fuel costs due to reduced maintenance requirements. For ice and snow, our customers have been using PDC-CC to treat sand stockpiles, pre-wet salt at the spinner or on the truck, and as a part of their anti-ice and deicing programs. It is a cost effective alternative for inhibited snow and ice control products.

Prince has been in the road treatment market for over 25 years. This valuable experience gives us the ability to provide custom dust and ice control solutions that are not only safe and effective, but tailored to meet our customer’s individual needs and budgets. Our extensive network enables us to supply product and application service to a wide range of job sizes across the United States.

  • Lignin LS-50®
  • PDC-CC