Prince’s team of oilfield chemists and engineers focus on supporting the needs of the drilling industry with over 100 years of experience from our lab team alone. Prince differentiates itself from other manufacturers and distributors of drilling fluid products by its fully staffed and equipped laboratory, field application experienced sales staff, and knowledgeable plant operations management. Whether assisting customers on joint product development opportunities or engineering technologies for the future, Prince’s R&D team is your one stop shop from source to solution.

Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete line of test equipment & reagents for all API SPEC 13A, RP 13B-1 & RP 13B-2 testing
  • Rheology (Including various digital & analog rotational viscometers, as well as, low-shear Brookfield viscometers)
  • Particle size analysis by Laser Diffraction, Sieve Analysis, or Sedimentation methods
  • H2 or N2 Gas Pycnometry
  • Digital Moisture Analyzers
  • Light microscopy, with digital imaging capabilities
  • Roller-ovens, mechanical & convection ovens, and high temp muffle furnaces (Capable of up to 1000°C)
  • Mixing equipment including high & low-shear mixers and dispersators
  • Low-temperature, low-pressure filtration
  • High-temperature, high-pressure filtration
  • Permeability-plugging test apparatuses, with ceramic disk and radially-slotted disk capabilities
  • Garett Gas Train apparatus for CO2 & H2S detection
  • E.P. Lubricity Testers
  • Various lab & pilot-scale equipment including pulverizer mill,  jaw crusher, cyclone mill, pelletizer, extruder, and dry & liquid blenders

Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Product development in conjunction with our customer’s needs and requests.
  • Engineering solutions for product formulation and manufacturing of dry and liquid blends, grinding, sizing, and treating of materials ranging in shape, size, hardness, density, etc.
  • Transparency, we routinely open our laboratory to our customers and work alongside one another to meet customer expectations.
  • Extensive experience and working knowledge of drilling & completion fluid additives for aqueous and non-aqueous fluid systems.

In addition to in-house testing, the laboratory is available to perform independent, third party testing. Testing can be performed according to internal lab procedures or API specifications. A custom-testing regime can be designed to fit the customer’s needs as well. We take pride in investing in our R&D capabilities and are happy to announce the expansion and renovation of our fully staffed and equipped lab.