Electronics & Specialties

Prince’s team of chemists and engineers focus on supporting the needs of the battery, electronics, specialty, and water treatment markets.

Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Instrumentation for characterization enables chemical analysis by various ICP atomic-emission spectrometers
  • ICP mass spectrometer
  • Various atomic absorption spectrometers
  • Various auto-titrators
  • Carbon-and-sulfur analyzers
  • By x-ray fluorescence
  • In addition, physical properties are determined, such as the particle size distribution of powders (by laser diffraction or sieving), crystallography (by two powder xray diffractometers), particle morphology (by optical and scanning-electron microscopy), BET surface area, and nitrogen porosimetry
  • Tools such as thermogravimetric analyzers, a zeta-potential analyzer, a potentiostat, and electrochemical cyclers help our teams in their efforts to develop new and improved products.

Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovating new products and improving existing products to support our customer’s needs and filing patents, as needed
  • Acting as technical liaison between customers and the various functional groups within Prince
  • Combining knowledge of our customer’s processes and of our product to address and resolve concerns
  • Replicating, where suitable, all or parts of our customers’ processes at the lab bench to optimize our products
  • Developing surrogate measures for customers’ performance criteria to support improvement and optimization efforts
  • Synthesizing by scalable processes samples of improved materials for customer evaluation and confirmation of improvements
  • To support the synthesis of materials and the improvement of our production processes, our technical teams have in-house access to standard glassware for inorganic labs including bench-scale reactors with various choices of impellers for agitations, vacuum filtration and pressure filtration (Buchner and filter press); pilot-sized tanks, agitators, filters and dryers to scale up the bench work; various mills including jar mills, a hammer mill, a horizontal bead mill, and a Shatterbox; various mixers and blenders; and various lab-scale and pilot-scale ovens, furnaces and rotary kilns.