Coatings & Colors

Prince’s team of glass and ceramic engineers and technicians focus on supporting the needs of the porcelain enamel and glass industries.

Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Glass chemistry and formulation expertise
  • Progressive lab testing equipment and analytical capabilities (such as XRF, ICP, and AA)
  • Various physical property characterizations (MOR, Density, Wear Resistance)
  • Microstructural characterization (3D, SEM)
  • Thermal property characterization (TGA, DSC, CTE, Hot-Stage)
  • High Temperature smelting capabilities
  • Lab smelting capabilities for functional glasses and performance frits
  • Application capabilities from spraying to printing
  • Various types of lab scale milling equipment
  • Rheological and stability characterization and control

Solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom color formulation for porcelain enamel, forehearth colorants, and architectural glass applications
  • tailored powders for wet and dry (electrostatic) application with adapted particle size distribution to meet customer’s requirements
  • Glass enamel formulation and innovative development
  • Team of dedicated application engineers working closely with the R&D facilities to solve problems and deliver innovative new products for our customers
  • Extensive raw material library and tight controls of supplier quality