Research & Development

The Research and Development group is the creative design center of our company. Staffed with specialized technical personnel worldwide, the group supports all of Prince’s new product and market developments and works closely with customers on everything from product selection to process efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art industry technology, we collaborate with both customers and our production facilities to develop custom-fit value added products. We work on co-development to come up with formulations, to conduct pilot testing, and to optimize production. Not only do we develop products and understand the chemistry, but we manage raw material procurement, costing, manufacturing, and feasibility. Our collective team has a deep understanding of mineral and wet chemistry, high temperature applications, color formulation, rheological profiles and high end suspensions.

Customer R&D & Technical Service

Our R&D centers are dedicated customer care facilities that partner with our customers to work on new product development from lab to field. In addition to developing innovative solutions for problems faced by certain sets of customers globally, Prince’s R&D labs focus on tech service at a local level. They can help troubleshoot problems, provide root cause analysis, and provide solutions for product innovation for both existing and new product development. The staff works to assist with product selection, development, and custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.

Industry R&D & Process Innovation

From Prince’s longstanding industry experience, the different R&D centers create new products based on analysis of market dynamics and changing production requirements.¬†Our internal R&D and operations departments work to perfect our processes. We are constantly evaluating different systems to increase the efficiency and quality of our manufacturing.