Through an extensive network of long-term, established relationships Prince offers high quality raw materials to the Refractory industry.

Iron chromite sand is used for the manufacturing of shaped refractory products. Mag-chrome bricks, produced by combining chrome sand with magnesite, have excellent thermal shock resistance and are used to line ladles and furnaces.

Olivine’s physical characteristics makes it ideal for use in many high temperature applications such as refractory bricks. Olivine fine products are available in varying mesh sizes. Common applications for olivine fines are slag conditioning, tundish lining, abrasives, and refractory products.

Dead Burned Magnesite (MgO) is used in the production of tundish and gunning masses; it protects tundish from molten steel. Magnesite is also used as a slag conditioner to neutralize the pH of steel slag, thereby protecting furnace linings. Prince supplies a range of high grade MgO products for these applications.

Prince offers the following mineral products into the Refractory Industry:

  • Chromite
  • Olivine
  • Magnesite
  • ZIR-CAST® Sand