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Prince is a world-class producer of engineered minerals and specialty chemicals for niche applications, adding value from source to solution.

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Prince’s expertise makes us a leading supplier for multiple performance-critical applications.

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Prince manufactures a wide range of engineered mineral and specialty chemical products to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

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Innovation is central to Prince’s business. From laboratory to customer process, innovation is about solving customer problems to deliver higher quality solutions ahead of the competition.

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Porcelain & Vitreous Enamels

Pigments / Color Oxides

Prince is pleased to offer supplementary color oxides and pigments to enable customers to do their own proprietary blending.


Wide range of color solutions

Prince supplies color oxides and pigments that can be mixed with Prince’s enamel frit and milling additive products. Prince operates a first-class quality standard to ensure all batches are carefully controlled across all our global facilities.

Prince supplies customers with high-quality pigments that have excellent covering power, are suitable for high firing temperatures, and keep performing during the chemical action of the fused enamel during single or multiple firings. Prince’s range of pigment products include:

  • Spinel pigments
  • Rutile pigments
  • Cadmium pigments
  • Pearl luster pigments

In-house color expertise

Prince’s technical knowledge and longevity in the enamel market enables us to select the optimum grain size for obtaining a full and homogeneous color. Almost all colors can be obtained by combining frits with calcined inorganic pigments. Pigments can be used either pure form or in combination.

A catalogue of formulations with the most common colors is available and our technical customer service can further assist to formulate special colors.

Want to know more? Please contact us for detailed information on our product solutions or to speak with us about product recommendations. Get more information and advice from our team of experts!

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pigments and color oxides

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