Enamel Coatings

From world-class raw materials and production facilities to global presence and process knowledge, Prince develops product solutions for your porcelain enamel and frit needs. Through technical know-how, Prince formulates specialty frit based products that meet the needs of the consumer white goods, hot water tanks, sanitary ware, cookware, and other industries. Prince has dedicated R&D centers and staff specialists to assist customers in achieving consistent, high quality output and increasing productivity. As an industry leader, Prince specializes in understanding the role of porcelain and glass enamels across a wide spectrum of applications.

Frits are the basis and main component of an enamel coating. Each PEMCO® frit is individually designed to address the complex variables of chemistry and end use application. Quality raw materials are blended and melted to create a frit technically adapted for different applications. Prince’s range of products is composed of ground coat, transparent, opaque and white frits that are engineered to match desired color, aspect, or effect. Prince engineers PEMCO® frits into a pre-milled, ready-to-use formulation to provide customers with a powder for liquid application. The use of pre-milled products eliminates the need for costly milling equipment. Just add water and mix! One of the most successful innovations in the porcelain enameling industry has been the development and continued improvement of Prince’s portfolio of PEMCO® Electrostatic Powders. The advantages of electrostatic powders include automated application, elimination of hazardous waste, reduction of energy costs for milling and drying and labor costs in mill room and set up, excellent finish quality, and maximized utilization of material.

PEMCO® frits are recognized by customers as being synonymous with tailor-made frit solutions and excellent technical service.