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Prince is a world-class producer of engineered minerals and specialty chemicals for niche applications, adding value from source to solution.

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Prince’s expertise makes us a leading supplier for multiple performance-critical applications.

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Prince manufactures a wide range of engineered mineral and specialty chemical products to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

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Innovation is central to Prince’s business. From laboratory to customer process, innovation is about solving customer problems to deliver higher quality solutions ahead of the competition.

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Manganese is increasingly used as a key component of cathodes in lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles. From hybrid to full electric cars, battery cathodes require Prince’s high purity and consistent manganese chemicals to produce safe and high-performing batteries. Manganese is also used to produce lithium-ion batteries for smaller devices such as power tools, e-bikes, and consumer electronics. It is increasingly used in energy storage systems such as solar power and wind power.


Prince is a sustainable manganese chemical supplier for lithium-ion battery manufacturers

In order to provide environmentally conscious customers with sustainable products, Prince has optimized its supply chain and production process to generate the least amount of CO2co2. Prince follows the strictest environmental standards and is ISO 14001 certified.

Prince has developed innovative, high purity products, including physically and chemically consistent manganese salts and oxides, to suit the lithium-ion battery markets.

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Electric vehicle lithium-ion car battery using MnSO4 High Purity

Innovative, high-purity manganese products


NMC (Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Oxide) has become the mainstream cathode technology for the rapidly growing automotive battery industry thanks to its high performance, safety, and calendar life.  Prince provides ultra-pure manganese salts, critical to NMC cathode performance. Manufactured in Europe, Prince’s MNSO4 HP is the only high-purity manganese sulfate made outside Asia.


LMO (Lithium Manganese Oxide) is one of the three cathodic materials technology that uses manganese. To ensure quality of the cathode, Prince provides the purest manganese oxide with ultra-low iron and a specialized EMD product for use in consumer electronics for portable and automotive applications.


LMFP (Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate) is a technology mix where manganese is added to the already existing LFP cathode technology. The amount of manganese added improves the performance of the cathode.

Prince’s high-purity products for the lithium-ion market include:

  • MnSO4mnso4 HP (Battery Grade Manganese Sulfate)
  • Mn3O4mn3o4 LF (LMO Grade Mangano Manganic Oxide)
  • EMD GK-L (LMO Grade Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide)
  • MnCO3 UFmnco3, MnCO3 HP (Manganese Carbonate)

Men riding electric bikes with lithium ion batteries using Battery Grade High Purity Manganese Sulfate

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