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Prince is a world-class producer of engineered minerals and specialty chemicals for niche applications, adding value from source to solution.

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Prince’s expertise makes us a leading supplier for multiple performance-critical applications.

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Prince manufactures a wide range of engineered mineral and specialty chemical products to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

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Innovation is central to Prince’s business. From laboratory to customer process, innovation is about solving customer problems to deliver higher quality solutions ahead of the competition.

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Pyrolox® Advantage Lightweight Coated Filter Media

Prince is the leading global supplier of manganese dioxide filter media for water treatment. Pyrolox® Advantage represents the next generation in manganese dioxide filter media. 


Pyrolox® Advantage is a lightweight, coated filter media engineered to deliver: 

  • Market leading removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and arsenic  
  • Lower pump specification to achieve same bed expansion  
  • If regenerated periodically, longest lasting media between regeneration/ backwashing 
  • Cleanest start-up (virtually no start up fines) of any lightweight media 

Pyrolox® Advantage can be used to filter a range of soluble inorganic impurities from raw water by oxidation to insoluble form, precipitation, and flocculation. The media can be used in a catalytic configuration with a supplemental oxidant (eg. OCl– or dissolved O2) or as a depleted resource requiring regeneration or replacement (eg. cartridge).

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Iron (Fe2+) & Manganese (Mn2+) Removal   

The most common application for this media is iron and manganese removal. Manganese minerals have a well-documented record of capability for removal of these species. Pyrolox® Advantage removes soluble ions by the same mechanism as natural ore products, but faster and with better efficiency at low contaminant concentration. 

Engineered to be naturally catalytic

Pyrolox® Advantage is the only lightweight, coated filter media with no pretreatment required:

Pyrolox® Advantage filters almost all manganese from water at startup
Pyrolox® Advantage is the only Manganese Coated media that removes almost 100% of Mn at start-up.

Contact us for more evidence-based performance data from a third-party research university

Prince has more detailed technical and performance data in its Pyrolox® Advantage Technical Manual. For additional technical parameters such as physical properties, application information, or other operating conditions, please contact us to request your copy of Prince’s Water Treatment brochure or to request technical data on the effectiveness of Pyrolox® Advantage.

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