In-Glass Solutions

Prince offers high quality mineral batch additives for green and amber coloration of glass bottles. Prince’s CHROMOX® is used in wine bottles to impart a deep green color and to provide UV protection, Densfil® is used to achieve medium shades of green glass containers, and PYRITEMAX® is used to achieve amber shades in beverage bottles.

  • Densfil® Rouge

Prince also supplies solutions for forehearth coloration, with the full range of products within our VitroMax™ concentrate and VitroLite™ frit product offerings. VitroMax™ concentrates are high oxide containing, reduced feed rate, low dust pellets with superior performance and reduced seed formation. These products are either single or multi-oxide containing and formulated to ensure quality and color stability. Primarily they are pre-color matched products to exact customer’s requirements, glass chemistry, preferred pull and forehearth design. Since it is a concentrated granulate that ensures low feed rates at high pulls, it is the preferred product for container glass and RPG producers. Additionally Prince offers a special line of VitroLite™ glass frits which are adapted to the glass composition and processing parameters based on customer preference. These are typically used in the single oxide form or blended by the customer to produce a wide range of colors.

  • VitroLite™
  • VitroMax™

On-Glass Solutions

Prince offers lead-free decorative enamels and coatings for the container glass industry segment. These are primarily for brand recognition and for aesthetic qualities applied on bottles for; soft drinks, beer, water, wine, spirit and other assorted beverage and food glass containers. Available in product types for single and multi-trip usage in both cold and thermoplastic mediums. Additionally we offer dishwasher resistant enamels for glass tableware, products for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, lighting and specialty glasses.

  • VitroMail®