In-Glass Solutions

Prince is a leading supplier of high quality mineral batch additives used in commercial building glass cladding to impart solar control and aesthetics.

  • Densfil® Rouge

On-Glass Solutions

Prince is a supplier of lead-free glass enamels used for decorative and functional applications. Prince’s VitroMail® for spandrel panels are used on office, other industrial buildings and internal glass dividers and is the preferred choice of architects. Similar applications for internal glass furniture offer designers with a myriad of colors and effects. VitroMail® architectural coatings provide very good opacity, acid resistance and gloss finishes in standard or custom colors. They can be supplied in array of customer preferred media including screen printing, roll-coating, curtain coating, and spraying.

Prince’s VitroInx® range of digital inks for flat glass provide glass manufacturers and processors with high performance solutions for this fast-paced technology.

  • VitroInx™
  • VitroMail®