Prince supplies a wide range of solutions for the glass industry, covering manufacturing and processing in the container, flat, fiberglass, and specialty glass segments.

In-Glass Solutions

Prince supplies a range of high quality, mineral-based batch additives for glass producers for a variety of requirements including coloration and oxidation. Prince also supplies forehearth colorants colorants in both concentrate and frit forms, as alternatives to batch coloration Рthe preferred option when manufacturing in smaller color campaigns. Our range of products produce an array of colors: blue, green, black, brown, pink, purple, violet and others. These colors have gained quick acceptance throughout the glass industry due to their processing properties and color consistency.

On-Glass Solutions

Prince supplies an extensive range of glass enamel coatings for a variety of functional and aesthetic needs. We supply into the OEM and replacement automotive market segment, offer an extensive range of enamel coating for flat glass into the architectural and appliance segments, and are the total-solutions provider for the container glass segment.