Prince provides engineered products for chemically bonded sand cores and no-bake mold production to eliminate casting defects, producing a high quality casting. Prince is an international manufacturer of engineered anti-veining sand additives. Prince’s products are used to greatly reduce or eliminate veining, porosity, gas, and other defects in castings caused by the thermal expansion of chemically bonded silica sand. Prince also supplies water-based refractory coating blends designed to yield maximum protection at the sand/metal interface. Our products improve casting finish and process time, provide zero LOI with inorganic formulations, save on machine labor and tooling costs, and are easily incorporated into our customers’ sand-core blending process.

Our hot topping products are engineered to supply a superior insulating or exothermic blanket covering the molten metal, preventing heat loss and inconsistent solidification.

  • BlackCAST®
  • CeramCAST®
  • ChromeCAST®
  • E-Shield®
  • E-Cast®
  • Mastertop®
  • RedCAST®
  • Veinseal®

Melt Department

Prince supplies engineered iron pyrites and slag coagulants to the melt department. Our iron pyrites are used in the foundry  industry to increase sulfur content in all grades of metal. It provides a benefit by efficiently eliminating the need for foundries to source various grades of scrap metal. For grey iron, ductile iron, and steel applications our slag coagulants prevent slag carryover to the castings and reduce slag removal time with outstanding coagulation properties and controlled particle size for consistent performance and easy-to-apply/easy-to-remove convenience to save time in your process.

  • Slag-Getter®