Thinners 2

Prince supplies a variety of thinners based on either lignosulfonate, tannin, or polymer chemistry to control mud rheology and optimize performance. For purchase orders or questions we encourage you to contact us.


Synthetic / Oil-based Products

  • Oil Mud ThinnerStrong oil mud thinning surfacant for high active solids content

Water-based Products

  • LigniteOxidized leonardite for clay dispersion and fluid loss control on WBM
  • Chrome Free Lignosulfonate – Iron lignosulfonate
  • CFL-F – Chrome-free, polymer grafted-iron lignosulfonate
  • CLS – Ferrochrome lignosulfonate
  • PRIMO® THIN – Proprietary chrome-activated, modified tannin-based thinner blend
  • PRIMO® THIN CF – Proprietary chrome-free, modified tannin-based thinner blend
  • Thinner IIIEconomical chrome-free thinner blend
  • Thinner VIIEconomical chrome lignosulfonate based thinner blend
  • HT ThinnerEconomical high temperature thinner blend stable to 400° F
  • Synthetic ThinnerSynthetic high temperature thinner for fresh-water or monovalent brines up to 350° F
  • Synthetic HT Thinner PlusSynthetic high temperature thinner for divalent brines up to 400° F
  • HT Thinner LiquidSynthetic liquid polymeric thinner for fresh-water or monovalent brines up to 350° F
  • HT Thinner Plus LiquidSynthetic Liquid polymeric thinner for WBM up to 400° F