Lost Circulation & Seepage Control

For over 40 years, Prince has been the industry leader in Lost Circulation Materials and Squeeze product technology. For purchase orders or questions we encourage you to contact us.

Lost Circulation & Seepage Control Additives

Synthetic / Oil-based Products

  • PRIMO® SEAL GP (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Patented, naturally oil-wet, resilient fibers for OBM 
  • PRIMO® OBM SEAL (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Fibrous LCM blend for OBM 
  • Black LCMMulti-particle blend, broad particle distribution for OBM 

Water-based Products

  • Fiber Fluid® (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Patented, low bulk density, fibrous LCM
  • FracMagic – Wellbore-strengthening blend that plugs fractures from 500-3000 Microns
  • Poly Flake3/8″ polymer flake blend
  • Fiber Seal AS (Coarse, Fine) – Acid soluble fiber
  • Walnut Shell (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Granular Walnut Shell
  • Pronto Plug® (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Granular Nutshell
  • Acid Soluble LCM (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Blend of acid soluble minerals, fibers, & polymers
  • PRIMO® Flake (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Acid soluble flake-shaped carbonate LCM
  • Calcium CarbonateAcid soluble LCM; Seven different size grades available
  • Vari Seal (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Blend of fibers, polymer flakes, and nut shells
  • Fiber-Plate (Coarse, Fine) – Resilient ground fiber
  • Fiber LCMResilient ground fiber
  • LCM Blend F (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Regular, Fine) – Proprietary blend of resilient fiber & polymers
  • LCM Blend S Proprietary blend of resilient fiber & polymers with neutral pH
  • LCM Blend CProprietary blend of resilient fiber, carbon and polymers
  • LCM Blend LProprietary blend of resilient fiber & polymers 
  • Premium Blend (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Proprietary multi-component fibrous LCM
  • G&S Seal (Coarse, Fine, Superfine) – Resilient carbon-based LCM
  • SDF Mud Seal I3/8″ polymer flake and fiber blend for severe losses
  • SDF Mud Seal II1/4″ polymer flake and fiber blend for severe losses
  • SweepCombination LCM & hole cleaner for vertical and horizontal wells
  • Wood PelletsPatented pelletized LCM & absorbent
  • Cotton Seed HullsFibrous LCM
  • Mica (Coarse, Medium, Fine) – Flake LCM
  • Drill Paper – (Coarse, Fine) – Ground fibrous paper

Squeeze Products

  • Acid Soluble Squeeze>90% acid soluble, high solids high fluid loss squeeze product
  • SqueezeEconomical high solids, high fluid loss squeeze product
  • Squeeze II Premium high solids, high fluid loss squeeze product
  • PS SqueezePremium high solids, high fluid loss squeeze blend with swelling polymer for fracture sealing
  • Super PlugHigh solids, high fluid loss blend with broad particle size distribution; High compressive strength