Electronic component manufacturers require consistent and high quality raw materials. With miniaturization, even subtle variations in particle shape or chemical composition can dramatically affect the properties and reliability of electronics components.

Prince offers a range of extremely pure manganese salts and oxides with controlled particle size specifically designed for the needs of high quality passive electronic component manufacturers. Our products’ purity, consistency and supply reliability have made them the preferred choice for low power loss and high permeability soft ferrites, tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, thermistors, and varistors.

  • Mn3O4 LH (mangano manganic oxide)
  • High purity Mn(NO3)2 (manganese nitrate)
  • Mn2O3 HPX (manganese sesquioxide)
  • MnO2 VHP, MnO2 HPX, MnO2 HPMX (manganese dioxide)
  • MnCO3 UF (manganese carbonate)