Copper Recycling

Prince’s copper recycling unit helps the printed circuit board industry to “close the loop” by recovering acidic and alkaline waste etchant solutions and supplying back fresh alkaline solutions. We also recover solid and liquid polymetalic wastes from various industries. Recovered copper is transformed into high purity salts and oxides to meet the requirements of various applications such as plant protection, micro-nutrition, pigments, and catalysis.

Our ISO-14001 certified facility is a licensed hazardous waste processing facility. Prince also provides extensive administrative and regulatory support to customers in this business to assist with navigating the regulations on waste transportation.

  • CuO (cupric oxide)
  • COC (copper oxychloride)
  • Alkaline Etching solutions for Printed Circuit Boards

Prince constantly seeks new wastes to recycle and new treatment options to develop in its state-of-the-art R&D laboratory.