Prince’s brand of PEMCO® porcelain enamels are used around the world by the most famous manufacturers in the BBQ industry. The high performance porcelain finishes satisfy global requirements as an exterior coating that does not burn off (even at high temperatures), allows for a cleanable surface, and provides protection from the elements. The finishes are hard to scratch and resist bacteria growth better than other types of non-enamel finishes. As a coating, PEMCO® porcelain enamels meet the highest standards for performance and safety for food contact on BBQ grills.

The PEMCO® brand of porcelain enamels are created to meet both the fashion and functional requirements of the BBQ market. Working with industry designers, Prince’s PEMCO® porcelain enamels are available in different colors that have been developed to meet regional color demands while providing the same durable and functional finish on a global basis.

  • PEMCO® Ground Coat Frits and Powders
  • PEMCO® Cover Coat Frits and Powders