Specifically designed for high performance alkaline dry cell batteries, Prince’s EMD is a high activity gamma MnO2 with excellent particle size distribution, low metallic impurities, and outstanding electrochemical properties. In addition to EMD, Prince also manufactures a natural manganese dioxide for zinc-carbon battery manufacturers.

The primary battery market is a competitive industry – alkaline battery manufacturers are working at higher production speeds to increase productivity and reduce costs – and battery manufacturers need consistent, high quality raw materials to ensure smooth production on their high-speed lines. Prince has optimized production processes and implemented stringent production controls and scorecards to ensure the highest EMD product consistency.

AA, AAA, C&D, 9V

As long-term supplier to the primary battery industry, Prince’s manganese-based products are used in AA, AAA, C&D, and 9 volt batteries. These batteries require high consistency raw materials and significant production units, which is why Prince strives to be the most reliable, global EMD supplier. Prince’s GK series of products offers multiple grades and particle size distributions for specific customer requirements in Asia. Specifically designed for high performance batteries, Z-100 and GKE are EMD grades that enhance battery quality and performance, as well as optimize the battery manufacturing process.

  • EAB 111
  • K-60
  • Z100
  • GKA
  • GKB
  • GKE
  • GKS