Prince’s PEMCO® porcelain enamels are used by all major appliance manufacturers and can be formulated to satisfy the wide variety of requirements demanded by the appliance industry. Today’s PEMCO® porcelain coatings are customized for the appliance manufacturers so that they are suitable for specific, highly automated manufacturing operations. PEMCO® coatings are as durable as stainless steel but cost less and satisfy not only the functional requirements of the industry but also, importantly, allow manufacturers to develop fashionable appliances.

For cooking ranges, PEMCO® porcelain enamel coatings are resistant to thermal shock, able to withstand high temperatures over long periods of time, and resist bacteria growth better than other home appliance finishes. The colors of PEMCO® coatings are developed along with industry designers to enhance the all-important visual appeal of the appliance on both the overall exterior and in the inner oven cavities. PEMCO® coatings are scratch and acid/alkali resistant and can be developed specifically to possess different attributes, such as pyrolytic properties, or to provide an easy-to-clean surface for the oven top or cavity.

On laundry equipment, PEMCO® porcelain enamel resists damage from laundry detergents and bleach. Thanks to the coating’s durability, it has excellent resistance to stains and abrasion.

With Prince’s worldwide research and development group, technicians are called upon to develop tailor-made porcelain coatings for the regional requirements of global appliance manufacturers.

  • PEMCO® Ground Coat Frits and Powders
  • PEMCO® Cover Coat Frits and Powders
  • Nickel and Vanadium Free Frits and Powders
  • Pyrolytic Enamels and Powders