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Water Treatment

Technical Guide

PYROLOX® is a highly effective media for the removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. This robust filter media has proven highly successful in point-of-entry, municipal, residential, and...



PYROLOX® is the leading filter media for iron, manganese and arsenic removal.

PYROLOX® provides unsurpassed performance. Manufactured by Prince, a leading international processor and...


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does PYROLOX® differ from PYROLOX® Advantage?
Both products work to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and arsenic in potable water. Historically, PYROLOX® is the leading filter...

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Prince Minerals, Inc. ("Prince"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of essential engineered solutions for diverse consumer and industrial markets, today introduced its new corporate logo and tagline. The new logo comes at a time when Prince has successfully acquired and integrated 11 businesses and expects to accelerate growth in the future. The refreshed logo reflects the significant growth of the company’s product offerings and technical service capabilities. Today, Prince combines international sourcing and processing capabilities with in-depth customer knowledge, world-class engineering, and value-added distribution to deliver essential engineered solutions to diverse consumer and industrial markets.

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