Products in the Glass industry are used for the following applications: architecture, automotive, container, float, specialty, and fiberglass. In the glass market, minerals and products are used to increase factory efficiencies and improve glass transmission. They can also be used as fluxing agents, chemical boosts, or oxidizers. In addition, several of our products are also used to impart a range of colors to container, float, specialty, and fiberglass production.

Glass coatings for decorative applications provide a durable yet attractive finish that guarantee a lifetime of surface quality. Colors can be used to match any decorating scheme in the kitchen or bathroom. The scratch and cleaner resistance of the durable coatings ensure sanitary ware will look in the future as it does today. Whether the coatings are black or a wide variety of vibrant colors, the flawless finish will last many years to come in both product lines.

Also, Prince offers a full range of aesthetic and functional solutions for the architectural and infrastructure industry. The fact that our coatings can be applied to different types of substrates – glass and metal, combined with the wide variety of colours, gives the customer a wide range of choice. In addition, enamel coatings exhibit excellent ease-of-cleaning properties, making them an ideal choice for white-boards or for architectural panels, where removal of graffiti is required. 

To compliment our mineral product offerings to automotive customers, we are an established supplier of high quality black enamels and silver pastes to leading automotive glazing manufacturers. Black ceramic inks are used as obscuration enamels, protecting the adhesives used to glue the glass on the car body against UV radiation. There are two families of black enamels: for laminated glass, primarily windshields and for tempered glass used for rear and side glazing as well as sun roofs.

Prince offers the following minerals or products into the Glass industry as on-glass or in-glass solutions:

  • Dolomite
  • Feldspar
  • High Purity Silica
  • Ilmenite
  • Metallic Oxides
  • Rutile
  • Silica Sand/Flour
  • Spodumene
  • Alumina Products
  • Black Enamels
  • Densfil™ Rouge
  • Glass Coloring Frits
  • Precious Metal Paste
  • Vitromail®

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