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Melt Department

Prince Minerals supplies engineered iron pyrites, slag coagulants, and exothermic hot toppings to the melt department.



RedCAST® is used in core and molding operations to eliminate porosity.

RedCAST® is offered in two different high quality modifications.


Melt Department

Prince Minerals supplies value-added iron pyrites and engineered slag coagulants to the melt department.



"We have never used a slag coagulant. But recently, I have noticed slag...

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Prince Minerals, Inc. ("Prince"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of essential engineered solutions for diverse consumer and industrial markets, today introduced its new corporate logo and tagline. The new logo comes at a time when Prince has successfully acquired and integrated 11 businesses and expects to accelerate growth in the future. The refreshed logo reflects the significant growth of the company’s product offerings and technical service capabilities. Today, Prince combines international sourcing and processing capabilities with in-depth customer knowledge, world-class engineering, and value-added distribution to deliver essential engineered solutions to diverse consumer and industrial markets.

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