Melt Department

Prince Minerals supplies value-added iron pyrites and engineered slag coagulants to the melt department.



"We have never used a slag coagulant. But recently, I have noticed slag inclusions getting through the gating system into the casting. I don't want to add more time and work to our process. What do you suggest?"

Slag-Getter's™ engineered properties make it easy to apply and remove coagulated slag from the metal bath surface. Our Slag-Getters™ are engineered to quickly coagulate, bind, and float, making the slag easier to remove, thus eliminating slag in the gating.



“I’m losing sulfur in my melting process and it’s causing unreliable costs and results. What can I do?”

Prince Minerals offers PYRITEMAX® as an engineered solution to control sulfur content within the molten metal. PYRITEMAX® controls manganese to sulfur ratio which optimizes tensile strength and pearlite formation.

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