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Prince Minerals provides engineered products for chemically bonded sand cores, resin and silica sand blends, and no-bake mold production to eliminate casting defects and to produce a high quality casting.

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“How can I eliminate veining and the associated costs in our casting processes?”

BlackCAST® has the ability to greatly reduce or eliminate veining in core sand and no-bake molds in steel castings. Prince Minerals has been the leading producer of Black Iron Oxide for the foundry industry for over 75 years with consistency in chemical and physical properties.



“How can I reduce excessive burn-in and burn-on in both heavy and intricate metal castings?”

ChromeCAST® is used in both Cast Iron and Steel foundries, providing the highest chill factor of any sand media in the foundry industry. With superior chilling qualities, a foundry will achieve a consistent solidifaction rate, reduced cleaning time, and reproducible castings.


E-Shield™ & E-Cast™

"Poor surface finish is my toughest challenge. My coated cores have numerous surface blemishes such as runs, tear drops, brush marks, as well as a fair amount of burn-in defects. What does Prince Minerals® suggest?"

E-Shield™ water-based ceramic blends and E-Cast™ zircon coating can greatly improve your casting surface finish. Using our unique and high quality engineered formulations you can eliminate blemish defects in any coating application technique (painting, flow-coating, or dipped) while providing the best sand/metal interface protection.



"I am experiencing shrink defects in the casting. What would you suggest to eliminate this problem?"

Mastertop's™ engineered products posess unique insulating and exothermic properties which keep metal in its molten state for an extended period of time to assure the consistent solidifaction of the casting without shrinkage. Prince Minerals possesses the capability to modify burn rates, maximum burn temperatures, and heat retention for optimum performance.



“How do I eliminate porosity in castings?”

RedCAST® eliminates nitrogen gas defects at low addition rates.



"I have high machine labor and tool costs in the cleaning room. How can I eliminate costly veining issues in our iron and steel castings?"

Veinseal® patented sand core and mold additives is a unique blend of superior quality materials engineered to prevent veining and gas defects in iron and steel castings that are caused by thermal expansion of chemically bonded core sands. Elminating veining defects lowers your scrap rate, increasing through-put and profits.



“What do I use to produce a high quality casting that has to meet tight deimensional tolerances. How can I achieve this?”

When dealing with tight dimensional requirements, Steel and Cast Iron foundries use ZIR-CAST® because of its lowest thermal expansion (of any foundry sand media) as ZIR-CAST® doesn’t expand at pouring temperatures.

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