Our R&D team, located at the Wallisville Road plant, is the technical interface of our company. The main focus of the lab is threefold: product development, technical service, and quality assurance.

From our longstanding industry experience, our sales, R&D, and operations departments work together to create new products based on analysis of market dynamics and changing production requirements. We pride ourselves on our collaborative efforts to bring new product solutions to the marketplace.

We use our experience to inform how we do business, what products we develop, and what solutions we choose to create for our consumers. We use this approach to provide a custom understanding of our customer's processes and needs. We currently hold several active patents for innovative drilling products.

In addition to in-house testing, the laboratory is available to perform independent, third party testing. Testing can be performed according to lab procedures or API specifications. A custom-testing regime can be designed to fit the customer's needs as well. We take pride in investing in our R&D capabilities and are happy to announce the expansion and renovation of our fully staffed and equipped lab.

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