Grinding and Sizing Company was founded in 1947 in Lufkin, Texas. The primary focus of the company was the production of extenders for plastics; this evolved into producing fillers for the large wood products industry in East Texas. Over the years, that focus has broadened considerably to the point where Grinding and Sizing Company had become a preferred manufacturer for several industries. The largest part of Grinding and Sizing Company's business then became the production of materials that go into the drilling fluid segment of the petroleum industry.

Grinding and Sizing LLC was acquired by Prince Minerals, Inc. in December of 2012.

In June of 2014, Grinding and Sizing LLC changed its name to Prince Energy LLC.

Today, from custom blends to lost circulation materials, engineered solutions for shale drilling to unconventional applications, Prince provides a comprehensive selection of high quality engineered materials and additives for the global energy market - adding value from source to solution.

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