Core Values

Values act as common guidelines and context for how we interact with our colleagues, suppliers, customers, and others we encounter in our day-to-day work.

Customer Focus and Integrity
We seek transparency in all our dealings and fully subscribe to a high standard of business ethics. We practice integrity, accountability, and honesty. We respect and develop people – we are all valued team members.

Delivery and Reliability
We do our best to deliver what we promise to each other, to our clients, to our shareholders, and society at large.

We are passionate advocates in advancing our global profession. We are an international company with a global footprint.

Industry Knowledge/Solutions Provider
We take pride in our collective industry knowledge and proactive understanding of our market. We use our experience to inform how we do business, what products we develop, and what solutions we choose to create for our consumers. We use this approach to provide a custom understanding of our customer's processes and needs.

Initiative and Innovation
We have a history of bringing new value-added products to market and of ongoing product development. We invest in our people and use resources to further process improvements and optimize product development to provide innovative solutions for oil and gas well drilling.

Leadership in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment
We strive to establish and maintain best practice QHSE culture throughout Prince. Our goal is zero injury to people and no damage to the environment. While providing the best quality products and solutions, we work daily to achieve this goal.

Responsiveness and Flexibility
We strive to put forward new ideas, break down boundaries, and seek new solutions for Prince and our customers. We always encourage a proactive approach.

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