Custom Blending

Prince Energy has the ability to custom blend dry or liquid products for the oilfield. We have been doing custom dry blending for the oilfield since 1994 and we serve about 120 customers both large and small. Custom blending for oilfield liquid additives was started in 2009.

At our Houston plant, we can custom blend powder or liquid drilling fluid additives. In our custom dry blending facility we have the option of blending white, grey or black powders in dedicated blenders to minimize color contamination when changing from product to product. The custom dry blending is accomplished in large ribbon or paddle mixers each fitted with electronic weigh cells to accurately measure the amounts of ingredients going into each formulation. We also have the ability to custom blend liquid suspensions of dry powders or blends of two or more liquids.

Packaging and labeling flexibility are also available as part of our custom blending operations. We can package in valve-type paper bags unit sizes from 25 to 100 pounds/bag. Prince can furnish the empty bags or customers can furnish. Our automatic bag printer can print simple logos and informational wordings on each bag. We also offer super sack packaging for semi-bulk customers.

Liquid product packaging is available in 5 gallon to 55 gallon sizes as well as IBC's of 225 to 550 gallon sizes. Liquid bulk truck loading is also available as part of our custom blending services. Palletizing and shrink-wrapping, as well as export jungle boxing can easily be done by our experienced shipping personnel.

Why it Matters

Custom blending allows our customers to have unique products which differentiates them from their competition. Custom blending also allows our customers to meet certain price points to make them competitive on a commercial basis. Some customers market different grades of custom blended products on a “fit for purpose” bases allowing flexibility in pricing.

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