Prince is a leading, global value-added distributor of specialty mineral products and additives used across a broad spectrum of niche applications.

Acquisitions have been and will continue to be a driving component of our growth strategy. As such, since 2003, we have acquired and integrated fourteen businesses and seek to increase that pace (for a full list see our History page).

We are eager to hear from principals or their representatives about businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Complementary offering of specialty minerals and/or additives
  • Differentiated products with a high service component
  • Ability to benefit from Prince's strengths
  • Strong share in a growing, niche market
  • Revenues >$5 million, consistent earnings, and good returns on capital
  • Headquartered anywhere in the world

If you are interested in contacting our corporate development team, please contact: 

Roderik Alewijnse
SVP Business Development

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