Research & Development

The Research and Development group is the creative design center of our company. Staffed with specialized technical personnel in Europe, the United States, and South America, the technical services group supports all of Prince's new product and market developments, and works closely with customers on everything from product selection to optimization of productivity and process efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art industry technology, we collaborate with both customers and our production facilities to develop custom-fit value added products.

Customer R&D

Our R&D centers are dedicated customer care facilities that partner with our customers to work on new product development from lab to field. Our staff works to assist with product selection, development, and custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements. From qualitative parameters to costing considerations, we will find or create the product that works best for your process.

Industry R&D

From Prince's longstanding industry experience, our different R&D centers create new products based on analysis of market dynamics and changing production requirements. We pride ourselves on collaborative efforts across departments, geographies, and industries to bring new product solutions to the marketplace.

Performance Minerals
  • Specialized technical service and new product development for the brick, tile, glass, ceramic, porcelain enamel, and water treatment industry
  • Dedicated customer care with laboratory and pilot plant to field development
  • Fully equipped laboratory
    • Mixing and batching capabilities for both powders and liquid blends for small scale lab samples as well as large scale trial work to meet the full range of customer requirements
    • Brick/Tile/Ceramics development capabilities for custom engineered solutions
    • Custom designed through-the-body color additives
    • Custom designed dry applied colorants
    • Engineered rheological and fired properties tailored for the specific customer
    • Wide range of testing capabilities
    • Quality assurance controlled with a wide range of metrological equiment not limited to Wet Chemistry X Ray Fluorescence, UV and Infra Red Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption Spectometry, Flame Photometry, Dilatometry, and a range of Rheometers for pertinent chemical and physical parameters relevant to our customer's needs
  • Personnel includes highly experienced ceramic, chemical, and materials engineering staff, B.S. through Ph.D
    • Engineering staff to provide on-site trial assistance and/or training sessions on best practice
  • R&D members are active participants in the NBRC, Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining, International Clay Technology Association, and the Porcelain Enamel Institute

For more information on Porcelain Enamel, please visit Pemco's website:

  • Fully functioning mineral sand and foundry lab capable of performing tests such as:
    • Particle size distribution
    • Acid demand values
    • pH
    • % Loss on ignition
    • % Moisture
    • Tensile testing
    • Pyrometric Cone Equivalencies (PCE values)
    • Viscosity testing
    • Exothermic/insulating burn patterns
  • Lab personnel perform all R&D duties and conduct essential technical service functions
  • All members of the R&D team are active participants in the American Foundry Society and the Association for Iron and Steel Technology
Energy (Oil & Gas)
  • The lab typically runs all procedures in API specification 13A and such others as filtration test with ceramic discs and radial slotted discs
  • Significant products and development activities include:
    • LCM (Lost Circulation Materials)
    • Filtration control additives
    • Drilling mud thinners
    • Lubricants (environmentally friendly esters)
    • Lubricants (mechanical- Poly Beads and the patented Horizontal Beads)
    • Oil mud emulsifiers and Rheology Modifiers
  • A new laboratory is under construction with planned occupancy in the 1st Quarter of 2014
  • Laboratory staff include B.S. through Ph.D., with drilling mud additive production and testing experience
  • API Member

For more information on Oil& Gas R&D, please visit the Grinding & Sizing lab page:

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