Prince Minerals, Inc. was formed in 2003 as a portfolio company of Palladium Equity Partners with the acquisition of the Prince Manufacturing Company. Founded in 1858 by Robert Prince, Prince Manufacturing developed into the leading supplier of colorants and additives to the North American brick industry. In 2005, Prince Minerals acquired American Minerals from Imerys SA, adding a range of complementary products to serve the foundry, glass, and refractory markets. Since then, we have grown substantially through both business development and strategic acquisitions.
Today, Prince is a world class producer of engineered additives for niche applications and is a value-added processing intermediary between large global raw material suppliers and end-market customers. Prince specializes in sourcing, processing, and distributing products in over 20 markets.

Acquisition of Pemco Emails Vitromail business ("Vitromail")

Italy based production facility of glass paste used in a variety of markets

December 2013

Acquisition of Pemco International

Leading producer of porcelain enamel and specialty frit based products for household appliances and a range of industrial, metallurgical, and glass applications

August 2013

Acquisition of Grinding & Sizing

Leading custom supplier and manufacturer to the drilling fluid sector of the petroleum and gas industry

December 2012

Acquisition of Densimix

Leading producer of Iron Oxide for oilfield, glass, and coating applications

August 2012

Acquisition of IGC Technologies

The largest producer of anti-veining agents for the global foundry industry

August 2011

Acquisition of Felix Kappler GmbH

A leading supplier of engobes & glazes to the European roofing tile and brick industry

September 2010

Acquisition of Refractory Materials International, Inc.

The largest producer of ladle and furnace sands and related products for the steel industry in North America

March 2010

Acquisition of Castle Colours Limited

Leading supplier of colorants and additives for the European brick and tile markets

June 2009

Acquisition of Zircon Minerals & Chemicals

Belgium based supplier of mineral sands for the European market

February 2008

Acquisition of Raw Material Solutions

UK based supplier of mineral sands

January 2007

Acquisition of Tarmac Minerals and Materials

A major UK minerals processor and colorant supplier to the European brick and glass industry

April 2006

Acquisition of American Minerals

Leading processor of industrial minerals to North American brick, glass, foundry, and refractory markets

March 2005

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